Transcript of Stefan Rössler’s video on why he started the Austrian World Transformation Movement Centre

(Recorded in Sydney, Australia, at the 2017 WTM Global Conference)

Hi, my name is Stefan Rössler, I’m 31 years old and I’m from Austria.

About seven months ago I did a Google search for “Human Conditioning” because I just couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since I’ve read this term in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. And that’s how I came across the information Jeremy and the World Transformation Movement are promoting.

And honestly, when I first read Professor Prosen’s statement about FREEDOM and that it’s the book that saves the world, and when I saw an old man (Jeremy) standing on a cliff, I refused to even start playing the video that was on the homepage back then, because I decided that this is certainly not worth my time.

About two weeks later, while I was still searching the internet for answers, I found this article. I can’t really remember what exactly it was about, but when I was done reading it, I was completely blown away by its explaining power. I thought to myself, who the hell was writing this text, and when I noticed that I had landed on again, I realised that it must have been this old guy who was standing on the cliff. I kept reading more and more articles on this page and I started to understand that all these supposed articles were really parts of FREEDOM—the book that saves the world.

I was as sceptical as anyone could be, but everything I read just made so much sense. So I kept on reading and after about two more weeks, I had finished FREEDOM and watched many of the supporting videos on the homepage. I couldn’t believe it—I had finally found what I was looking for all of my life. That is, an explanation for why everything in this world is so fucked up. But not just that—it was an explanation that defends us humans, which was so critical to me because I always knew that no one who has ever lived on this planet was really bad. And as it turns out, the reason for our seemingly bad behaviour was a psychological one. We’re not bad, but man, we’re all completely mad and we’re getting crazier and crazier by the minute. But now, with Jeremy’s explanation, we can finally understand why this was—and still is—happening to us. And best of all, we can stop it right now!

I didn’t understand all of this right away, but as soon as I had finished reading FREEDOM, I knew that I would one day fly to Sydney to visit Jeremy and the rest of the WTM. But at the same time I knew that this was more likely to be one of these childish fantasies which I sometimes have but usually don’t pursue. So what I did instead was to sign up on the website and become a member. Then I got an email from Tony Miall—one of the WTM members—letting me know that I can always contact him if I have any questions. And as you can probably imagine, my head was full of questions and so I decided to get in contact and ask about how I could support all of this. Tony invited me to have a video call and said that we can talk about it if I wanted to. I was excited like a young boy and I couldn’t wait to get engaged in all of this. And as it turned out, I needed the next few months to apply the information to my personal situation and use its explaining power to finally make sense of my own life.

What I found was that while both of my parents really love me, they were having a constant battle because of me—my mother always had to defend my idealistic “naive” view of the world over my father’s pragmatic, ‘wanting me to take over the farm’ view. I always knew that I was different and either everyone else was lying and odd or I was just completely crazy. I’d get called naive and people always told me that I’m a dreamer and that it’s about time for me to finally adjust to reality. But I refused to do that and instead I just decided to become a likeable and seemingly well-adjusted person. Then I decided to become very operational, which was pretty easy for me because I knew it wasn’t real—it was just a game. It was a case of “faking it to make it”. But underneath the surface I was getting more and more desperate for answers and I needed to find a meaning in life. I tried one New Age philosophy after the other, and while it would sustain me for a short while, each and every solution was obviously flawed, and I always had to find the next one to keep me going for a little longer. I had reached desperation point and my search became really intense when I finally stumbled upon Jeremy’s explanation and the WTM.

Having said all of this, I want to let you know that I can empathise with everyone who starts understanding this information. Being able to finally make sense of yourself and the world around you is so overwhelming that you’re very likely to get paralysed and not know what to do with it. At least that’s what happened to me—especially after I had understood that really everyone of us is living under the duress of the human condition. But it was exactly this time when I asked Monica—another WTM member who helped me through this initial and sometimes confronting digestion phase—that I want to get more involved and help them with what they’re doing.

About two days later she shared an email with me from a 41-year old guy from Zambia called Franklin. Franklin had just finished reading FREEDOM himself and he wanted to get involved too. I can still remember Jeremy’s response to his email. He suggested Franklin comes to the Sydney WTM Centre and see for himself the work that the WTM is doing. When I read this, I knew that it was on! This was my call to action and I immediately wrote an email to Tony and Monica to let them know that I will come to Sydney too. I was overwhelmed by their response when they told me that it was okay to come and I couldn’t believe that all of this was actually happening. I was talking about all of this, the book and the WTM, with Gerald, my best friend at home, and I also talked about it with my girlfriend, my mum and many other people and everyone was totally supportive of me and my seemingly childish dream to fly to Sydney. Nothing could stop me now and so I did my best to coordinate everything at work and all the other things and now I’m here.

It hasn’t even been a week yet, but I can tell you that this is the most wonderful experience I have ever had in my life. Seeing the amazing transforming effects this understanding of the human condition has on people when they digest its significance—how it leads to an integrated, secure state, both within a person and between people—is the ultimate proof that this new world Jeremy has been talking about for more than 40 years is really possible! And it’s the most precious experience someone like me could have ever hoped for.

For all of my life I refused to take pride in anything I did and so it’s for the first time ever that I can say that I’m proud of what I’m doing. What am I doing? I’m starting a WTM Centre in Austria with my best friend Gerald and our childhood friends and everyone else who wants to join us—because we’ve all been excitedly talking about and digesting these understandings of the human condition amongst ourselves, and I am really just their representative in our group’s desire to set up a WTM Centre in Austria. And while this sounds like a big thing, all I’m really doing is talking about Jeremy’s explanations with my friends and family, because I LOVE THEM and for the first time in my life it’s possible for me to show them my love, because that’s how empowering and relieving this understanding of the human condition really is.

I never dared to even think about something like this, and I can totally understand everyone who thinks this is crazy, but I’m finally able to tell you with 100% clarity that this explanation of human nature is true. Jeremy Griffith has solved the human condition and by doing so we are now in a position to SOLVE EVERY PROBLEM ON EARTH. And not only can I know this with my heart, I can know it with my mind, because what Jeremy has to offer is an explanation and not an idea, or a theory or even a religion. No, this is true and I can feel it with all of my mind AND heart and I cannot wait to fly back home and share this feeling with everyone I know.

It’s on now. We can finally be free and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else or do anything other than be a part of this most wonderful thing in the world—the World Transformation Movement. We can finally leave this cave forever and get out of our prison and ride along with each other on our HIGHWAY TO SUNSHINE!

And if that’s okay, I would like to play a song for you that I’ve written. I have called it Highway to Sunshine.

Highway To Sunshine

All I really want to do now, is leave this cave forever / I want you to come with me now, we’re gonna leave together / All I really wanna do now, is leave this cave forever / You can show me how to do it, let’s get away together / Then we get into my car, refuel it it’ll take us far / Don’t look back on yesterday, ahead of us…

Chorus: A Highway to Sunshine / Sweepin’ clouds away / A Highway to Sunshine / Now we hear what you say

All we need is break our chains now, and get out of our prison / We can finally take a chance now, for we do know the reason / All we need is break our chains now, and get out of our prison / No one’s free until we all are, we only need to reason / Now we get into my car, refuel it it’ll take us far / Don’t look back on yesterday, ahead of us…

Chorus repeated twice

Yeh now we know what has taken us so long / All our life we were waiting all alone / Deep inside, a dark place we don’t like / Leavin’ now, to finally take the high…

Final Chorus: A Highway to Sunshine / Sweepin’ clouds away / A Highway to Sunshine / Now we hear what you say / A Highway to Sunshine / Sweepin’ clouds away / A Highway to Sunshine / Now we’re here to stay